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what’s the best thing about being Big Bang?

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sassy qween jiyong’s hips and sultry daesung (✧◡✧)


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Idol: *gets in car accident, flips car, no one is seriously hurt but him*
K-Pop fans: OMG what an asshole! What a terrible person, driving like a jackass! He could've killed someone! How could y'all care if he's hurt? SMH fans are so biased! He's practically A MURDERER! I hope he goes to jail, then dies, then goes to jail again in hell! Scum of the EARTH!
Idol: *beats the shit out of his girlfriend, puts her in hospital for weeks, beats her multiple times in the same year*
K-Pop fans: You don't know what happened! Oppa isn't like that. She probably did something to make him mad. It was probably just a fight. We don't know his side! She's probably just lying for attention anyway. I'll always believe in you, oppa! Fighting! #StayStrongOppa
Me: .......

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G-Dragon x J.Estina - Bag 2014 F/W Making Film~

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gdyb assaulting daesung.

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